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Personal Trainer Session

Inside or outside

Training with Bodychange4U allows you the flexibility to train within your own home or outside.

Meet Haydon

Click on the video above to view Haydon's video and to find out how you can achieve a Bodychange4U.

Personal Trainer Session

Health MOT

Bodychange4U will give you a health check before you commence your health and fitness journey.

Personal Trainer

What is Bodychange4u? It is exactly what it says it is; the opportunity for you to change your body! My name is Haydon Littlewood and I am a personal trainer based in Toddington Bedfordshire with over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.

Personal training is about me helping you achieve what you desire. I can visit you in your home or any place of your choosing to assist you. The world is a big gymnasium and I can show you how to use simple techniques to get fit without needing the use of specialist gym equipment.
Remember, 1 hours exercise is only 4% of your day! No excuses

I am so that confident that I will help you succeed that I offer a FULL MONEY BACK guarantee* with all my 10 session personal training packages.

What I can help you with..

  • Lose weight
  • Increase muscle
  • Improve sports performance
  • Improve health and well being
  • Nutritional advice

When we talk about losing weight, for most people what they actually mean is that they want to reduce their body fat. In theory this should be as simple as calories in v calories out, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Bodychange4u will help and guide you to separate the myths from the truth.

Increasing muscle mass is often seen as only important for men. However, the benefits are immense for both men and women. More muscle means that your body burns more calories throughout the day resulting in a reduction of fat. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis. And most importantly, it makes our bodies look better, and let’s be honest, that’s what 99% of us want!

Everybody wants to improve, from Olympic athletes to complete beginners. I will help you with whatever your goals are. That might be anything from attempting to walk a set distance nonstop through to improving your personal best in a sporting event. Maybe you want to complete a charity event, personal training sessions with me will enable you to fulfil your potential.

Do you get out of breath walking up the stairs? Chasing the kids around wears you out? High cholesterol? Aches and pains? Being “fit” isn’t just about reducing weight - It is the complete package and I will help you achieve that package; enabling you to be a stronger, healthier better you!

‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ ‘You can’t out train a bad diet’ Both valid statements. You can train everyday but if you don’t fuel your body correctly you won’t see the results you are craving. Should we eat carbs? Shouldn’t we eat carbs? What is a carb? I will guide you through the minefield that is nutrition. Without this vital background knowledge you may as well be bashing your head against a brick wall!